Guest Author: How to Make Dark Circles Vanish

Guest Author: How to Make Dark Circles Vanish

Unless you’ve got raccoon in the family, dark circles under your eyes are no bueno.  Unfortunately, dark circles under the eyes don’t look like you’ve lined your eyes with an exotic swipe of kohl.  Instead, the dark, almost smudgy areas make you look tired, kind of haunted, and worn out, as if you haven’t slept in days.  The following tips can help eliminate or reduce the appearance of dark circles. How you treat your dark circles depends on how you got them in the first place.

Causes of Dark Circles

Genetics plays a huge role in who gets dark circles.  If Mom or Dad had them, there’s a big likelihood you’ll get them as well. Many sufferers of seasonal allergies note that with their sneezing comes dark circles.  They’re caused by histamines being released in the body due to the allergy.  The histamines cause the blood vessels to become inflamed, and they swell up. Other people get them as they age, and their skin loses collagen.  The skin thins and the veins show through. Too much sun also breaks down the collagen in your skin, causing it to darken.

Use More Pillows and Prop Your Head Up

Prop up your head with at least two pillows when you sleep.  If you don’t, pools of blood can collect under your eyes as you sleep, resulting in those lovely, purple bags in the morning.  When you wake up in the morning, press an ice pack or cold compress under your eyes so you constrict the blood vessels.

Take Antihistamines

If your dark circles are caused by allergies, you’ll want to have your allergies treated as soon as possible by using antihistamines.  If your allergies are severe, speak to your doctor about a prescription.

Treat Thinning Skin

Dark circles caused by thinning skin should be treated with items that treat help build up the collagen in the skin.  Eye creams containing vitamin C or retinol may help jumpstart collagen production in the skin.  Check with your dermatologist for recommendations.


Concealer will only cover dark circles, not get rid of them, but it can be useful last-minute.  Use it under collagen-building eye cream in order to camouflage and heal.  Loose powder dusted on top of the concealer can stop the caking and creasing that sometimes comes from wearing concealer. Make sure you choose a concealer color that matches your skin tone as closely as possible, or you’ll look even worse!

Drink Water

Retaining water can cause puffiness and bloating all over your body, including under your eyes.  Your body retains water when you’re not drinking enough water, so drink up every day.  Check with your doctor to see if she recommends a diuretic to help hasten the flushing of excess fluid.  Try and reduce your intake of alcohol.

Eat Well

Make sure that you eat plenty of foods like berries, whole grains, citrus fruits and seafood.  Seek out foods that are loaded with vitamins that brighten your skin like Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and folic acid.


Most people have awoken in the morning after a sleepless night to find dark circles staring at them in the mirror.  You’ll notice that after a good night’s sleep, your eyes look bright and refreshed. Try and get at least eight hours of restful sleep per night.


Slices of cold cucumber applied to the eyes have been used for generations to immediately reduce the appearance of dark circles.  People have also had success with placing a slice of raw potato on top of each eye.  Lie down for at least ten minutes to reap the benefits.  The coolness helps constrict the blood vessels, reducing discoloration and puffiness.

Tea Bags

Take two tea bags, boil them and allow them to cool.  Lie down, and place one tea bag over each eye.  The caffeine helps cut down on the swelling and darkness.  Keep them on your eyes for at least ten minutes.

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