Janet Mills & Project Runway

Janet Mills & Project Runway

janet millsJanet Mills, most notably known for being the mother in Top Model, was sent home because Tyra and company thought she couldn’t transfer her striking beauty onto film. Janet took a moment with us to dish on who she didn’t like and why she was sent home.

CM: When did you know that you wanted to go into modeling?

Mills: I have always been in love with the fashion and [the] beauty industry. I started to consider modeling as a career at about 14, but I never pursued it until Top Model.

CM: Had you ever done any modeling prior to the show?

Mills: nope, no modeling experience. I just went into the Top Model casting with a positive attitude and a big smile!

CM: Did you ever feel like the mother in the house?

Mills: I did feel like the mother of the house. Some of the girls were just fresh out of high school and didn’t have a clue about living on their own. I think taking care of people just comes naturally for me. I also live with my boyfriend and his 10 year old son, so I guess that has given me some practice.

CM: What did you think of Ebony’s decision to leave having been eliminated before her?

Mills: I was proud of Ebony for being true to herself. I just wish she did it one week earlier! I think she learned that the industry wasn’t for her, and I think it was really brave of her to speak up.

CM: Who was the girl you got along with the most and why?

Mills: My two favorite girls in the house were Lisa and Saliesha. They were the most real to me. They are such fun, sweet people. I wish the best for their careers and know they will be friends for life.

CM: Was there anyone you didn’t get along with?

Mills: I didn’t fully dislike anyone, that’s not my nature. But of course you can’t love everyone! I couldn’t ever really read Jenah. We are just totally different people. Bianca is another girl I could live without. After watching the show, I realized how two-faced she was to us.

CM: What did you think was the reason you were eliminated and did you agree?

Mills: I’m not exactly sure of the reason for my elimination. They said it was a bad photo shoot, but I think it was actually one of my best ones. I guess I’m not high fashion enough for this season, and I’m sure if I would have ruffled a few more feathers I would have stayed around a bit longer. America loves drama!

CM: What have you been up to since the show and where do you see yourself going?

Mills: I have been very busy since I filmed the show. I modeled in an International hair show, I’ve been working with Aveda, and I’m hopefully signing a modeling contract in the VERY near future. I’ve also just partnered with a friend who owns the largest we buy houses Dobbin business. The sky is the limit. I am also interested in doing some acting. I want to experience as much as I can in my life.

CM: A catering business? What made you get into catering?

Mills: I got into catering more because of my friend than actually wanting to start a food business. I know the food industry is a difficult one to get into, but she already has a successful business. So when she asked me to become a partner I said yes.

The idea was that my sudden “stardom” would help grow the business even more which of course would be good for the both of us. I don’t cook in the kitchen or anything like that.

CM: Who would you like to see crowned America’s Next Top Model?

Mills: At this point I would like to see Chantal or Saliesha win. They both want it so badly. Modeling is their lives, so I’m happy for either one.

CM: How has being on the show impacted your life?

Mills: The show has impacted my life tremendously. My whole town is so proud of me, and that feels amazing. I have finally gotten my name out there, and that is something I have wanted to do my whole life. It has also shown me that I have a lot of potential in the industry. I look forward to what’s next.

CM: Do you have any regrets after doing the show?

Mills: I have no regrets. I did my best, and I think I did pretty damn good! I have learned not to regret. All of the things I have done, right or wrong, have made me who I am today.

MR. Chase aka Token

MR. Chase aka Token

tokenWe’re back with another hot contender from I love New York. This time around, we sat down for a brutally honest interview with Chase a.k.a Token. Perhaps, as Token states himself, he is known for his infamous peck-on-the-cheek kiss with Mr. New York. Learn about life after the show, his thoughts on Tango’s last goodbye, and Sister Patterson.

We have got to applaud Token for this interview: He is honest and straight to the point.

I caught the young entrepreneur before heading off to work, so we got straight into the interview.

CM: Tell me about living in the house with New York and the other contestants? What was your take?

Token: There was definitely a feeling of mixed-emotions. I would find myself asking, “Why am I here?” I was never the person on the show who would fight for attention. But, yeah it was a mix of positives and negatives.

CM: How did you end up on the show? Or, why did you audition?

Token: I was actually asked by a friend to audition, and I decided to do it.

CM: So, were you familiar with the show?

Token: Oh yeah, I knew who New York was and I had watched Flavor of Love before.

CM: If you were asked by a friend to audition, did you have love for New York?

Token: I’ll put it this way, I did not have true emotions for her. I was just not into her.

CM: Is that part of the reason for the infamous kiss you gave her?

Token: Definitely. Before wanting to kiss me, she had made-out with six guys prior to that. That’s something I’m into.

CM: What did you make of Sister Patterson?

Token: She is Crazy! It was like she was fighting for attention with New York. I think she wanted to be I_Love_New_Yorkmore on TV than anyone else. Plus, she would be rude and disrespectful to the guys on national television. She’s just crazy.

CM: I can see that. So, there was no love for New York and no love for Sister Patterson, did you get along with the other guys?

Token: Yeah, I got along fine with the other guys. That is, except for Mr. Boston. We didn’t get along.

CM: So are you interested in other parts of the entertainment industry?

Token: Yeah, I wouldn’t mind acting or doing some of the technical aspect behind the scenes.

CM: What was life like before the show?

Token: I was in school majoring in Criminal Justice. I was also working as a bartender.

CM: What are you doing now?

Token: Right now I’m just working at https://www.celestis.com.

CM: Hey, what did you make of Tango’s last goodbye to New York?

Tango: I actually talked to Tango before the reunion show. From what I understand, it was a last minute decision to call of the relationship. But I actually thought it was funny as hell.

CM: Any expectations for season II of I love New York?

Token: Look out for a guy named, Ears.

CM: Finally, how would you sum up the entire show?

Token: Overall, it was a once in a lifetime event. I had a good time and ended up meeting a lot of friends.

For more information on Chase visit http://www.myspace.com/ilovenewyorkstoken

Beach Weddings Ideas

Beach Weddings Ideas

beach weddingsDresses for weddings are the ones in which you feel most like a bride. Many brides are geared to thinking that a wedding dress has to be white, and it has to be formal.

All their life they have seen these kinds of dresses on the covers of bridal magazines.

The formal white wedding gown is a tradition which has not been around for as many years as people seem to think.

Many brides throughout history wore their best clothes to their wedding and the color of the dress was not taken into account.

The wedding dress for beach wedding does not have to be white, and it certainly does not have to be an evening gown. White is not the only color for a wedding dress. Although many seem to think that the color of white is a symbol of chastity, it is, in fact, a symbol of joy and happiness.

Many beach brides prefer to consider short wedding dresses for a beach wedding. They realize that trying to walk through sand in a long dress is not only going to be awkward, it will be extremely difficult.

Casual beach wedding dresses

Wedding dresses should reflect the couple and the tone of their ceremony. Casual beach wedding dresses may be more in keeping with a family ceremony or a second wedding. Grooms often choose to wear shorts or the famous Hawaiian printed shirts at the ceremony rather than a more formula suit.

Brides are discovering that they can still look and feel like a bride without all the lace and layers.
Simple beach wedding dresses

Simple beach wedding dresses may be something as straightforward as a beautiful sundress. Many brides are realizing that not only will a simple dress be attractive; it will be much more comfortable as well. Furthermore, dresses that entail a lot of lace and crinolines are hot! Add a pair of Pro Choice boots and you have an outfit fit for any wedding.

Plus size beach wedding dresses

Plus size beach wedding dresses are available and are just as stylish as those for the skinny bride.

Traditional bridal dresses for the beach can be a long flowing gown, and it does not have to fit tightly. This kind of dress is not only more comfortable. It is the type of evening wear often chosen by locals to wear for romantic evenings on the beach.

Beach dresses for weddings do not have to come from a bridal store. Many brides are expanding their search and looking into what the local like to wear for parties at the beach.

The locals often have a much better idea of what will not only look good, but will be comfortable.

Chamo – I love New York

Chamo – I love New York

Mauricio SanchezAs Season II of I Love New York continues, we cannot help but wonder what happened to Chamo (New York’s assistant) Mauricio Sanchez? Many of our readers asked us to investigate, and that’s exactly what we did. We contacted Chamo (Mauricio Sanchez) to see what he’s been up to. Sanchez has been busy making films and working on his entertainment career.

CM: Tell me about life before I love New York. What were you doing?

Sanchez: Like everyone in Hollywood, I was taking acting classes, doing my YouTube videos, working at https://www.nameastarlive.com, auditioning and looking forward to the next opportunity.

CM: Tell me about some of your film experience?

Sanchez: Well, there are a few. I’ll tell you about my first: I was in New York looking at the backstage newspaper audition news and saw that they were looking for salsa dancers for a film! So, I went to the audition and met the one partner that was perfect for me in the waiting room.

When we went into the audition room we had already worked
out a combination that they could not do without. Long story short, I met the best dance partner and booked the movie! That’s Center Stage and that’s how I got into film.

CM: What projects are you currently working on that your fans can expect to see at a later date?

Sanchez: Many! Let’s see; you can see me next at the premier of 20th Century Fox’s “Bachelor Party 2” A re-make of the 80’s Tom Hanks “Bachelor Party” and a killer 3 minute a day web-episode called “I Love Stevie” which is a contemporary “I Love Lucy” staring Stevie Ryan that will feature me as “Ricky” but as a closeted gay performer.

CM: Viewers got the chance to know you as Chamo on I Love New York, is Chamo like Mauricio?

Sanchez: While there are similarities, Chamo is all about perfection in his demeanor, which I am not. He seeks and wants things to be exactly a certain way and works hard to deliver perfection. I think there is a little Chamo in everyone.

CM: How did you end up as New York’s assistant on the show?

Sanchez: I was at the right time and place. They originally wanted an Asian male assistant but when they met me, well, they uncovered what they really wanted – Chamo!

CM: This will be interesting, what was your take on the guys in the house, since you were not a contestant but more of an observer?

Sanchez: They were all crazy! I tried to understand them, but they demonstrated without any help from me that they were just nuts! Right?

CM: How did it feel from one day going to auditions to being on one VH1’s highest rated TV shows?

Sanchez: It’s like going from being a junior in high school to being a senior. You are now suddenly popular, people recognize you and get all excited that you really do exist. It’s very flattering but equally intimidating.

CM: What made you laugh while you were on the show?

Sanchez: New York does not hold back anything – when she gets going she will say the most outrageously funny things.

CM: Tell us about an experience you had with Ms. New York that did not make it on TV.

Sanchez: Well, we liked to spy on the guys and then gossip about them from New York’s master bedroom.

CM: Now the question that everyone wants to know: Why are you not on season II? Your fans miss you!

Sanchez: First of all: I miss you too! As you can tell, New York is one busy lady and has lots for me to do. For this season, she didn’t want me to have to deal with her men hitting on me for info and favors like last season. She felt bad as did her mom. So, we decided I would focus on other matters like my own career which I am totally enjoying at the moment! So stay tuned!

For more information on Mauricio “CHAMO” Sanchez please visit www.mauriciosanchez.com